Sara Davies: pet behaviour counsellor, dog & puppy trainer, in South Devon, U.K.

Image: The business logo for Dr Sara Davies BVMS MRCVS CTC - vet, behaviour counsellor & trainer ‘working for pets and their people’ - and contact information: 37 Mt Pleasant Rd, Brixham, Devon, TQ5 9RP; 01803 859634;

Image: A chocolate Labradoodle gazing out to sea at Broadsands Beach in Paignton

Polly the Labradoodle out for the day at Broadsands Beach in Paignton

What I can offer to pets and their people

I run small and friendly puppy training & socialisation classes in Brixham, Totnes & Dartmouth. The classes are hugely supportive, fun, and educational; teaching life skills for the puppies and puppy survival skills for their people! 

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Once you have completed a puppy course with me you can then access a whole host of other group classes and fun activities. You can also arrange to see me for behaviour counselling and private (one to one) training of both your puppy and any other household dogs AND cats with whom you may share your life and home. 

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Education is a big part of what I do and this is something I am currently expanding through lectures and practical sessions at veterinary practices and colleges. I am also keen to do more informal presentations and talks with local community groups or other pet professionals. 

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This is an unregulated industry, so you may be pleased to hear that I am a qualified veterinary surgeon and a member of several professional bodies with codes of conduct that keep me on the straight and narrow. 

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For any further information on any of the above, or to book a place on one of my puppy training & socialisation courses, please call me on 01803 859634. It’s never too soon to call.

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Messages from my clients

Image: Freddie the Sprocker in the woods with his person

“Freddie is a Sprocker who finds life so much fun he sometimes found it much more amusing not to do what we asked him. Since we've been going to Sara's puppy classes, his concentration has improved and he is even more of a pleasure to have around. We learned lots about dog language and behaviour and how to train to get the best results, and he loved all the attention and meeting all the other puppies. I wouldn't have any hesitation in recommending Sara to others”. Julie Cooper & Freddie the Sprocker

Image: Elsa the English Bull Terrier standing next to the greeting card she modelled for

“Thanks for all your help Sara. Elsa and I are doing fine thanks to your good start. The picture is of Elsa at a gallery opening standing beside the greeting card by local artist Simon Hart that she actually modelled for!” Gail Woodgate & Elsa the English Bull Terrier

Image: BamBam the Pug

“I really enjoyed our puppy training classes and seeing our puppy improve week after week; I also felt a sense of achievement when he actually did things right and learned new things. It has really improved his behaviour and stubborn habits at home. I love to show off my obedient and well trained Puggy.” Rachel Jones and BamBam the Pug

Image: Ozzy the Collie x Rhodesian Ridgeback takes on half a tree

“Ozzy & I attended Sara's puppy classes and had a really great experience. As well as learning all the training techniques in class, we are still using and improving on these. Ozzy was receptive to the teaching which was good and we both enjoyed it immensely. I would recommend Sara to anyone who has a new puppy.” Sara Heath & Ozzy the Border Collie x Rhodesian Ridgeback

Image: Mae the Whippet at home

“Hello Sara, Mae and I learnt such a lot in your classes at Totnes. After 23 years without a dog getting a puppy was a big challenge for me. After your classes it all fell into place - Mae is a joy to have around and I am loving teaching her good manners and great social behaviour. Thank you.” Wendy Roberts & Mae the Whippet


Image: The business logo for Dr Sara Davies BVMS MRCVS CTC - vet, behaviour counsellor & trainer ‘working for pets and their people’ - and contact information: 37 Mt Pleasant Rd, Brixham, Devon, TQ5 9RP; 01803 859634;

Image: Logos for The Academy for Dog Trainers, Fear Free, the APBC (of which I am a full member) and the Animal Behaviour & Training Council (ABTC) with whom I am registered as both a ‘veterinary behaviourist’ and a ‘clinical animal behaviourist'

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